Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ol' Groove's Request Line: The Owl #2

Salutations, stalwarts! Ol' Groove is back with another rapturous request! I've gotten a few requests here in Groove City to lay the scintillating second issue of Gold Key's The Owl (from 1968) upon ya. Ya kinda seem to have dug Jerry (Superman) Siegel and Tom Gill's campy/cool update of the classic Golden Age Batman rip-off, so let's see how you handle it when The Owl meets "The Terror Twins!" You'll view Mod villains! Gasp at Gangsters! Snicker at the Smooching! Root for the Robots! And Owl Girl's footwear will fracture your funnybone! You asked for it, here it comes!

Mark your calendar! Post #500 goes up Monday!

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