Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grooviest Covers of All Time: The Best of George Perez

George Perez has always known how to create eye-popping, quarter-grabbing, heart-pounding covers.

See? (Having far-out inkers like Bob Wiacek, Bob Layton, Terry Austin, and Joe Sinnott don't hoit, either!)


  1. I hear ol' George has taken up acting lately. I wish him well, but it does keeps him away from the pencils, dammit.

  2. George Perez is one of my favorites! The first comic that I really started collecting seriously was The New Teen Titans. The early to late 80's was a great run for that series!

  3. ah, they don't come much better than these, Groove, mate. . .

  4. I had all of these comics! Thanks for posting!

  5. That Thing/Starhawk cover just crackles with Kirby-style energy. One of the best comic covers I'd seen up to that point.



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