Friday, January 1, 2010

Batman, Superman, Daredevil, and...Killraven (?!) Usher in 2010!

Happy New Year, Groove-ophiles! Man, does time ever fly when you're having fun! 2009 is in the history books and what a year it was. Thanks again for all the far-out vibes you've been sending DotGk, and keep 'em comin', baby! Okay, enough with the love-in, let's PARTY! Ol' Groove's gathered a kooky quartet of heroes, each of whom celebrated a Groovy Age New Year in his own inimitable way, to help us ring 2010 in!

First up, here's a Batman adventure (from Batman #247, December 1972) that continues from last week's Christmas Day post as Denny O'Neil and Dick Giordano wish The Darknight Detective a Merry Christmas "...And a Deadly New Year!"

Not to be outdone in creating holiday puns, Tony Isabella and Bob Brown are on hand to help Daredevil (and the Black Widow!) celebrate a Merry Christmas "...and a Hydra New Year!" (From Daredevil #120, January 1975).

In Superman #333 (December 1978), Martin Pasko and Curt Swan let Bizarro do all their dirty work as he tells Superman to have a "Happy New Year...Rest In Peace!"

And finally, from Amazing Adventures #24 (February 1974), Don McGregor and Herb Trimpe ring in 2019 for Killraven and his Freemen with one more punny song title. Everybody sing! "For He's a Jolly Dead Rebel!"

Okay, you've had enough pun-ishment for one day, Groove-ophiles! Enjoy the first day of 2010! Make it the template for the rest of the new year! And remember, a Diversion a day keeps boredom at bay!


  1. Awesome. Nice to see some KR, even by Trimpe. Those comics meant the world to me when I was a teen.

  2. Glad you dug it, Johnny B.! I'll try to sneak in more Killraven every now and then.

    I knew you'd dig that banner, Mike! ;D

  3. It's ironic that you would post Batman #247. That story is one of my favorites from my childhood, and I re-read it every holiday season. This past Christmas (2009) I couldn't find it for the life of me (I know it probably got mis-filed away in the wrong box, but STILL!)

    Thanks for (unknowingly) helping me out!

  4. Hey Groove, that Superman has a cover date of March 1979, but it in fact hit the racks in December, 1978? There's a 3-4 month gap between when an issue is published and the cover date, correct? Just wondering, as I'm trying to put my comic-reading life in order!

  5. That's right, C.K. Just remember, "April" is really January, and count months from there. It's tricky, but fun. ;D It's especially helpful when it's a DC comic during the era when they'd put the "next issue on sale on or about..." blurb at the end of the story! Helps me know that I'm remembering right and not just nutso!



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