Monday, January 18, 2010

Kung Fu Week! Grooviest Covers of All Time: Neal Adams' Kung Fu Fighting

HiiiiYA, Groove-ophiles! Are you ready to get down with the greatest (and a few of the not so greatest) comicbook martial artists the Groovy Age has to offer? We'll ease into our Kung Fu week with a dojo-full of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu covers by Ninja Neal Adams. Check it out! Bruce Lee! Shang Chi! Kwai Chang Caine! Billy-freakin'-Jack! And... James Bond (?)!

And this is only the beginning, baby! Wait'll you see what Ol' Groove has in store for the rest of the week! You'll flip and get a kick out of it!


  1. Not so much a fan of that chop-socky kung fu crap, but I'd love a peek inside that Billy Jack ish... one of my fav films as a kid.

  2. "Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting - It was fast as lightening!" -- I can't believe I was the first person that got to say that! These are some great covers! Fine post, my groovy pal! -- Mykal

  3. I loved Deadly Hands when I was a kid and still own a lot of the issues. It featured a lot of great strips like Perez' Sons Of The Tiger, Gulacy's Master Of Kung Fu and Rudy Nebres' Iron Fist, although a lot of the articles passed me by.

    ( Just realised I said "a lot" er, a lot... )

  4. Gotta love those beautiful Adams covers! I never was able to get DHOKF #17. The second part of the Bruce Lee bio. I've now gotta go back & buy these gems. I loved his gritty realism.,His Bruce Lee looked like he was ready to leap off the cover at you.

    I especially liked Shangi-Chi,his enemy Midnight, Iron Fist & the White Tiger! Can't wait to see the rest! Everybody Wang Chung tonight! Whatever that really means!

  5. I forgot how many of these he actually did. Thanks!

  6. Funny to see Roger Moore in there with all those martial arts stars. Reminds me of the Sesame Street song: "One of these things just doesn't belong..."

    Kung-Fu mania aside, I'm sure those sweet Adams covers didn't hurt sales, either.



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