Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Earl Norem Covers Marvel

What's happening, Groove-ophiles! Remember those great Earl Norem covers? He could do it all! Barbarians? Kung-fu? Superheroes? No problemo! Here's a happenin' handful just to refresh your memories!


  1. Earl Norem Rocks!
    He's one of my all time favorite cover artists ever. Besides, Neal Adams, I almost bought the preliminary drawing for that Hulk/ Avengers cover. Still might, one of these days. My favorites he ever did, beside this Hulk. Was his cover to Monsters Unleashed#9 with the Wendigo & of course Man-God from Marvel Preview#9. Keep'em coming Groovster! Your site is the Groovist! AAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!

  2. Hey Groovy one!
    One thing always made me scratch my head. Ok, we have Thor & Ironman carrying the Hulk who weights a 1,000 LBS! Plus this huge slippery piece of a ice block. But then we have Ant-Man carrying the rear. Ok he has the human strength level of a ant. But the Wasp is carrying it also!! What the....!!!??? HHaaa!! SPLAT!!

    Some times your the windshield & sometimes your the Wasp! That's gotta hurt! That would have made for a great Marie Severin Not Brand Echh sketch! Wasp: "Hey guys!. GUYS! GUYS! EEEEeeeee!!! CRUNCH! OOPS! ANT-Man: "Consider that a Divorce!"

  3. That Rampaging Hulk cover was so awesome it made me buy the magazine, and I didn't even like the Hulk! Of course, the sexy "Sheena" story in the back probably didn't hurt, either.

    Norem also did some great "Six Million Dollar Man" covers for Charlton.

  4. Groove:

    I wasn't familiar with Earl Norem's work, but I always thought the cover to Rampaging Hulk #9 was quite striking. If you've got much in the way of details about Norem's career, he might be worth a full Groove article at some point in the future!


  5. I'm on it, Andrew!

    And I have some of those Six Million Dollar Man covers cued up for round 2, David!



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