Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Doug Moench and Richard Corben's "Slipped Mickey Click-Flip"

"Slipped Mickey Click-Flip" first appeared in Creepy #54 (cover dated July 1973) and let Ol' Groove tell ya, this freaked-out tour-de-force by Doug Moench and Richard Corben was one of those stories that totally divided fans of Warren's flagship magazine. Think I'm jivin'? Dig this blurb from the letters page of Creepy #57:

"You either loved it or you hated it but you sure weren't indifferent. While many readers thought "The Slipped Mickey Click-Flip" was the greatest story to come along in years, others claimed it should never have seen print at all."

Makes ya wanna read it, huh? Okay, but don't say Ol' Groove didn't warn ya...


  1. This has got to be one of those stories that defines the word;"GROOVY" or maybe I should say "GROOVY GHOULIE"! Again,another great example of some far-out Corben visual mind blow-outs.Peace,man.

  2. That was one wierd mamma-jamma. Although it would have been more at home in one of the Skywald mags of the same period.

  3. Boy, was that biazzre & sick. I can see why the fans were upset. Corben's art was ok in Heavy Metal magazine & in color. but in B & W it was lacking it's depht. The story was just confusing & stupid to me. But when they killed the dog. That was too much for me. I honesty don't remember much of Creepy, Warren monster mags. But I do remember buying many of them.

    Someone was snoring or atleast smoking something very strong. To write this, it's just disturbing. But thanks for posting it all the same. I'll take Uncle Creepy over these two ghoules any day!

  4. Just brilliant! Pretty ballsy on Warren's part to publish this insane tone poem. Corben's storytelling is so strong here. He must've lettered it himself, too, and very creatively. It's so much a part of the art and the narrative flow, and helps emphasize the mad chaos in all this while still being readable (if occasionally challenging).

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  5. And even today, the story still divides fans. Keep those comments comin', Groove-ophiles!

  6. this remains my all time favorite creepy story...i read it when i was about 12 and it really blew me away! i'm still a huge corben fan and though marvel/dc mostly bores me these days, i'll buy anything from them with corben art. his art can liven up the most hackneyed storyline.

  7. Loved it as a kid and love it now, but what the heck was the Click-lick?!?



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