Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Reads: Dagar the Invincible #3

While Ol' Groove loves his Groovy Age Marvel and DC comics, I have'ta say that kids who grew up reading only the big two missed out on a lot. Take Gold Key's Dagar the Invincible, for example. Yeah, it might've been conceived as a kinda/sorta Conan rip-off, but writer Don Glut and artist Jesse Santos made the adventures of Dagar something truly original--not to mention loads of fun. Just dig issue #3 (January 1973). "Wrath of the Vampires" give us, not only vampires (duh!), but woolly mammoths, trolls, giant "bat mounts", and beautiful ladies (this issue introduces Dagar's lady-love Graylin). And for only fifteen cents! This is the stuff that put the "groovy" in the Groovy Age, baby!

(Many thanks to Conan II for the fine scans!)

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