Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mining For Gold(en): "To Catch a God!" and "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow..."

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! It's been a while since we've mined the comicbook caverns search of some Michael Golden mind-benders, so here's a Tuesday two-fer from issues 257 (December 1977) and 259 (April 1978) of DC's House of Mystery to help us play catch-up. Our first find for the day is "To Catch a God!", written by Barry Jameson...

...We shouldn't be greedy (should we?), so we'll finish the day with one more Golden groove, this one written by the team of Dave Manak and David Michelinie. It's called, "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow..."


  1. Groove:

    I love it when you post little backup stories by some of my favorite creators. Many of these gems — including these two — I've never seen before. You have a knack for unearthing forgotten Bronze Age goodness!


  2. yeah, man, this is good.



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