Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Funnies: The Genie-ous of Steve Skeates

Happy Birthday, Steve Skeates! (Yeah, I know, I'm two days late, but it's the thought that counts, right?) As all good Groove-ophiles know, Steve Skeates is one of Ol' Groove's favorite comicbook writers. From Lightning to Dr. Graves to Abbott and Costello to Aquaman to Teen Titans to The Mummy to Captain Fear and everything in-between, I dig Skeates' snazzy storytelling. But my absolute favorite Skeates stories are those he did for DC's magnificent Plop! Steve's wild and crazy imagination was given rampant reign and editor Joe Orlando teamed him up with some of the true geniuses of comicbook art for his efforts. Take for example these two classics from the genie-themed Plop! #11 (January 1975). "Sssssppprrrtttzzzzz!" with art by Alex Toth and "The Aladdin Frame-Up!" plotted and illustrated by Sergio Aragones. It's all the magic a Skeates fan can wish for!


  1. Groovy One, everytime you post something from Alex Toth is makes my day! Thanks!

  2. It makes my day when I make your day, JJ!

  3. Ha! Seeing Alex Toth do something light-hearted instead of his more typical dark noir stuff made this all the more interesting.



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