Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Comedy Cover Capers

During the days of DC's sixty-cent 100 page mags, guys like Bob Rozakis (who most likely wrote the following pages) got to flex their creative muscles by creating filler material. Regular stuff like games, puzzles, and trivia quizzes helped fill the extra did the dread...Comedy Cover Capers. Get your chuckles on, Groove-ophiles!

UPDATE! The Answer Man, himself, Bob Rozakis has stopped by to clarify that it was E. Nelson Bridwell who wrote the cute and corny captions for Comedy Cover Capers. Thanks, Bob!


  1. Thanks for thinking that I was the one who came up with these -- my personal favorite has always been the Batman one "Don't order chops!" -- but they were actually the handiwork of E. Nelson Bridwell.

    Bob Rozakis

  2. Thanks for clearing up the authorship question, Bob. You're still the Answer Man, man! And Ol' Groove is so proud and happy that you stopped by, too!



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