Saturday, September 18, 2010

Atlas Is Back--and So Is Ol' Groove!

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Did'ja miss me? Well, I'm back--easing back in (elbow's still swollen some, can't type for very long), but I can't stand it any longer! I miss my Groove-ophiles, so here I yam, baby!

My desire to come back was spurred by the recent news of the upcoming return of Atlas Comics! Wow, talk about news ya never saw coming! Here I've been rappin' about how crazy, cool, weird, and wonky those Groovy Age Atlas/Seaboard mags were, and lo and behold, Jason (Martin's grandson) Goodman announces that short-lived-but-well-remembered company's return. And what better way to return than with a super-hero who represents rebirth--The Phoenix? Toss in The Grim Ghost, a highwayman who cheats death (hmmmmmm, there's gotta be some kind of irony there) and ya got Ol' Groove's interest. I wish I knew more about who the creators are gonna be, but the fact that J.M. DeMatteis is editing the line gives me mucho hope. Meantime, I sure hope Ironjaw, Planet of Vampires, Morlock, Tiger-Man, The Destructor and especially Thrilling Adventure Stories aren't far behind. Stay tuned!


  1. Great to have you back, Groovester!

    This new Atlas line sounds..... interesting :-)

    AS you say, it all depends on the creators they can attract. I'd love to see Ernie Colon draw the Grim Ghost again, but I doubt if that would happen.

  2. Great to see you back, man.

    New Atlas!? Now if they can only get Howard Chaykin back doing The Scorpion...

  3. not gonna hold my breath...but wouldn't it be great to see Ditko back on TIGER MAN!

  4. HOLY MOLEY! This is just too creepy! I was just in fact talking about Atlas/Seaboard & the Grim Ghost & Tiger-Man in particular also. Over on the DC message boards on how I'd still love to see them made into movies!

    Welcome back Groovy One we missed you! I just hope their great quality books! Also we indeed get to see atleast Ernie Colan do the Grim one once again! It would be awesome to see Steve Ditko back also on Tiger-Man!

  5. I don't know. I really don't. I remember back in the 1990s with all these new companies starting up and dying rather quickly. That's foremost in my mind. And if they drop the idea of Phoenix as Christ figure, then I'm not interested.

  6. That would be simply amazing to have Ham, Chaykin,Ditko and Colon back on board for this relaunch. I love the logo on the GRIM GHOST but I am not liking the look...I expect to see a suave sophisticated gentleman ghost as I've seen in the past....thgis guy is a roid monkey and totally ruins the look. He looks like a pro westler in a spandex tux. NO!
    Can't these new artists just stick to the basics here please?
    Now if IRON JAW or TIGER - MAN are revived that pumped up look is entirely appropriate...I'd like that.

  7. All systems go and things look great for an Atlas relaunch. I am so in, considering their past glories. Another wild coincidence. I was just about to post an Atlas Savage Combat Tales over at my war comics blog! The movements of chance and fate are defiantly telling us something.

  8. i sure hope the new atlas makes some good comics. time will tell, i guess.

  9. I have to agree, I don't like the look of this new Pumped upped Grim Ghost so far! Why is it it never ends with remakes. Comics, tv series & movies! All they do is keep the title /character's name.

    Then throw everything else out the window, destroying everything that made them great to begin with. Prime example The Day The Earth Stood Still & War of the Worlds remakes. The Night Stalker tv series remake! The endless cycle of these at DC & Marvel! Just to try & be PC gone arwy!

  10. Yeah..Firestorm is a black dude now and so is Aqua lad....WHY? If you want to create new heroes who happen to be of some certain ethnicities then do so...but...making established characters into black dudes...well I don't like it.
    I love the Spectre but I hate it right now.

  11. Ya it's silly, I mean I'd feel the same way if all of the sudden. Luke Cage, the Falcon, etc were all of a sudden white! Very Lame! It cries laziness & desperation on the part of these writers.

    I loved DC/Milestone's Icon who is a black character. Then they had to turn out to be a alien aka Martin Manhunter/Skrull type of deal. Why, it was really dumb & they ruined a perfect cool character. I guess Ronnie Raymond is now back as Firestorm. Aqua-Lad is now black? That just sounds really stupid.

  12. I actually had copies of some of the original Atlas books from the mid-70s that I picked up in bargain bins, then later traded. I too believe the new Grim Ghost is all wrong. Where is Michael Fleisher when you really need him?

    More interested in seeing Morlock 2001 return, albeit with a title change (2021?).

  13. Luke Cage is one of my all time favorite Marvel creations....when he was in his original incarnation as POWER MAN...I hate the generic look they have him with now at least let him have a chain as a belt or some arm bands or something.
    Just a bid dude in a t-shirt aint a super hero. One of my Favorite Atlas guys the DESTRUCTOR would be a good idea to revive.

  14. Hey Mikeboy
    I agree, I remembered hearing Marvel was bringing Luke Cage back. I was like COOL! Then it came out! The art looked horrible his costume was totally gone. In the first two pages it was him sitting in a strip club. Getting a lap dance! I was like What The ....??!! That really discussed me & pissed me off.

    How could they totally trash such a cool character. Just for the record John Romita SR by phone. Told me their actually was suppose to me a Luke Cage Hero For Hire/Powerman tv series. Starring carl Weathers aka Rocky movies Apollo Creed. But he turned it down or back out of the deal. To do Action Jackson. Oh well what might have been huh?



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