Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Triple-Play: Forgotten Shockers from Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! We've rapped about the legendary Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2 (Summer 1979) before, but did'ja ever realize that there are some decidedly non-super hero tales in that mouthful-of-a-title mag? Mixed in with the Black Hood greatness and the far-out fun of the Mighty Comics and Archie-and-his-pals-as-superheroes is a trio of terror tales by Wally Wood, Tom Defalco, Chic Stone, and Jesse Santos. I am not jivin' ya, baby! Check 'em out!


  1. Archie Super-hero digest #2 is seriously a treasure - there's so much good stuff in there; I originally bought mine at a newstand in LA during a family vacation, and read it in the car on the drive back up to Oregon - I still remember how a few of these stories kind of freaked the 11 year-old me out back then.

  2. I have two copies of this, and had to stop myself buying a third when i saw it cheap not long ago! I still have to work out where all the stories were originally published though.



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