Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Funnies: The Courtship of Eddie's Father

Li'l Groove dug The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Not the movie (which I wouldn't see until I was a dad, m'self) but the TV show (1969-1972) that starred Bill Bixby and Brandon Cruz. I loved the little talks they'd have as they'd walk along the beach at the beginning of the show. Bixby was cool and Cruz seemed like he'd be a fun kid to hang out with. Kind of a hipper, more modern Andy and Opie Taylor relationship. So naturally, when Dell produced a comicbook version of the show, I snatched it off the spinner-rack.

I'm not sure who wrote this short-lived (two issues) mag, but I'm pretty sure that it was drawn by Jack Sparling. If it's not Sparling, it's someone who does a pretty fair imitation. The stories are cute and the characters are pretty much in character (as well as I can remember--haven't seen the show for decades). Here's a sample from ish #1 (October 1969), "Kidstuff"!

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  1. Wow. I see what you mean. The only place I really see Sparling though is in the women's faces. And even then....something's off.

    Could it be veteran Manny Stallman, he of the infamous RAVEN story at Tower? His later work was similar to Sparling's if I recall.

    Or maybe it is Sparling either rushed or with a bad inker. e usually inked himself on his Gold Key projects but maybe not here. Don't know.



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