Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Team-Up: Superman and Supergirl in "The Feud of the Titans!" by Browne, Swan, and Anderson

Welcome back to Groove City, baby! Here's a Tuesday Team-Up featuring our favorite Kryptonian cousins Superman and Supergirl in a "Tale of the Fortress" (of Solitude) featurette by "Geoff Browne" (aka Leo Dorfman) and the super-art team-supreme Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson. It's a fun and far-out tale that features a tiff between Kal and Kara that winds up in a fight filled with super-spite with a bit of Kryptonian lore thrown in for good measure. Bet you're gonna dig..."The Feud of the Titans!" from Action Comics #402 (May 1971).


  1. It's one of the very first super-hero comics I ever read. And I do like Supergirl's boots in it.

  2. Ooh !! I love Kara's outfit here, very sexy !

  3. BTW-"Geoff Browne" is a pseudonym for the prolific Superman scripter Leo Dorfman.

  4. Doh! I can't believe I left that tidbit out, Steve! I'll amend the post and fix that dumb oversight o'mine.

    And guys, re: Kara's threads--what can I say but "Right on!"?

  5. Kara's costume? Busy, busy, busy. Did she go to her wardrobe and think "Gloves, boots, skirt ... ? I dunno I'll wear 'em all!"

    Thigh length boots are good with pants not a skirt, girlfriend!

  6. Today I could sure use the cheerin' up that only the Son of Jor-El can provide. Your post did the trick! :)

  7. A fun story! This was one of my first ever comics, too. It had that great Neal Adams cover showing Superman being burnt at the stake: "My powers are gone! Why?"

    ( Relax kids, Supes made it out all right. )



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