Thursday, September 27, 2012

Groovy Age Gold: Hourman vs. Dr. Togg by Fitch and Baily

Young Groove loved the zany, imaginative, stylized art of Bernard Baily, so any time I came across a Golden Age reprint of a Baily Spectre or Hourman story, I grabbed that mag! Today's Hourman classic (written, according to sources, by Hourman co-creator Ken Fitch) was nestled comfortably inside DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #18 (April 1973)--a mag I would have bought no matter what with its very cool Golden Age Superman story, Golden Age Atom, Captain Triumph, Silver Age Atom, and Superman Red/Superman Blue, baby! Anywho, Fitch and Baily took what could have been a pretty pedestrian superhero and turned it into one of the wildest, wonkiest, most far-out strips ever! For example, dig this page-turner in which our Man of the Hour tackles the nightmarish creatures of Dr. Togg!

Oh, yeah, this masterpiece of comicbook ca-razeeness originally appeared in Adventure Comics #57 (Dec 1940).  


  1. It has always struck me just how incongruous it seems nowadays to see a super-hero constantly popping pills. Times really have changed.

  2. I always enjoyed Hourman & the rest of the Justice Society.

    And I wish they'd have used Dr Togg again.



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