Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Black and White Wednesday: "The Celebrated Mr. K: Joe Kubert" by Guy H. Lillian III

Here's a special treat, Groove-ophiles: a candid interview with the late, great Joe Kubert (who's birthday was yesterday, by the way) from 1974! Conducted and written by Guy H. Lillian III, "The Celebrated Mr. K: Joe Kubert" was the very first article in the very first issue of DC's in-house fan mag (and answer to FOOM), The Amazing World of DC Comics (dated July/August 1974). It's a classic look into the mind of one of comics' greatest practitioners--and it's all here for you, baby!


  1. Just look at those photos and you know in a moment that Joe Kubert was a man's man and that he didn't take any *$@&! from anybody. But he was also jovial, as the pix reveal, and thoughtful. A well-rounded individual.

    As for Guy H. Lillian III, he was one of the more interesting and intelligent '70s-era "letter hacks" (as they used to call those who wrote voluminously to the comics' lettercols in those days). Always wondered whatever became of him.

    Chris A.

  2. Guy H. Lillian III became a DC staffer in the mid 1970s, but left just before Jenette Kahn's tenure as publisher, eventually going to law school (though he already had a Master of Fine Arts degree) and becoming a Public Defender in New Orleans. He has retained his keen interest in science fiction fandom (having been nominated for two Hugo Awards himself), and publishes a 'zine on the side called CHALLENGER.

  3. Love that Alex Raymond story - amazing! R.I.P. Mr. Kubert



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