Thursday, September 6, 2012

Groovy Age Gold: "The Adventure of the Magic Forest!" by Simon and Kirby

Groovy Age Gold rarely got better than vintage Joe Simon and Jack Kirby! From Wanted #9 (May 1973), here's the Golden Age Sandman in "The Adventure of the Magic Forest!"

In case you're wondering, this tale was originally published in World's Finest #6 (Summer 1942).


  1. I actually had this issue twice, the second time being via second hand purchase. Decent story. It's just too bad DC gave up on Wanted! so soon.....

  2. Pretty sure I read this story in reprint form in some other DC mag in the '70s. It's a vague memory, but the mirage of the road and the tentacles are clear in my mind. Any idea of any other times it was reprinted, aside from Wanted?



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