Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Boys from Derby: "Thief's Gold" by Gill and Vila

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Here's a real beaut of a horror-tale written by Joe Gill with stunning art by Spanish sensation Carlos Vila! From Monster Hunters #5 (January 1976), here's some..."Thief's Gold"!


  1. Hi, first of all, great job! Keep it up. I´d like to point out a couple of things: 1) The correct date for Monster Hunter #5 is April and not January; 2) The 4th panel in the 6th page is taken directly form Alberto Breccia´s and Héctor Oesterheld´s Mort Cinder (1962-1964), as you can see here: http://bibliapobre.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/atribuciones-pop-28/
    It´s not odd that Vila, a spanish artist, was in contact with Breccia´s work, an argentine artist who was working almost exclusively for Europe in the 1970´s.

    1. Thanks for the info, Blopa. Let me clear up the date differences: I always post the ON-SALE date, not the cover-date. The cover-dates are always different from the on-sale dates here in the US. By the mid-70s Marvel, DC, and Charlton post-dated their comics by three months, meaning April dated mags came out in January, May dated mags came out in February, and so on. Not trying to confuse, just shooting for accuracy. ;D

  2. Yeah, you´re right about the date. But, let´s say, in a library, what´s the chosen date for the registering and filing?

  3. Man, that is one beautifully drawn story. Seriously, Groove, since most of these stories will, unforunately, never be reprinted, thanks for keeping the memory of this material alive.

  4. Many thanks, Groove! If online readers want to see more complete stories from Charlton mystery/"horror" comics, they can. Click along to

    You'll find Sutton ("Storm Freak" 24 April 2011, "Wrath of the Masalai" 15 January 2012), Ditko ("Strange Possessions" 26 June 2011, "Dead Fire" 30 October 2011,) and Piscopo ("One of the Family" 8 October 2011).



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