Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shades of Gray: "Satan's Sanctuary" by Aragones, Wein, and Morrow

Howdy, Groove-ophiles! One thing about editor Joe Orlando--if he had to run a filler, then by gum he'd make it a good'un! The El Diablo short-short from All-Star Western #11 (February 1972), "Satan's Sanctuary" ran only four pages--but dig that ca-razee pedigree:! Story by Sergio Aragones and Len Wein, art by Gray Morrow. Dig it!


  1. If they wrote this to day, it would be a twelve part mini-series that gets canceled at issue 4. In your face, Writing-For-The-Trade!

  2. I just bought a handful of All-Star Westerns.Great stories,art & under-looked title.DC should of expanded it's western heroes more, besides placing the spotlight on Jonah Hex over the years. I believe Nighthawk & El Diablo could have prospered too !

  3. Thank you,Mr Groove!
    I dig,I dig!
    This is one that I haven't seen.
    Man,that Mr Venom is one evil dude.
    /Mr Anonymous

  4. Oh man that Sergio Aragones is one amazingly awesome artist! His work is easy to understand & conveys the message of the storytelling beautifully, yet you know his work is only his when you see it! His fingerprint, almost... his style is all his own! First read his comics in the pages of Cracked magazine! He and John Severin are still the best!



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