Friday, April 26, 2013

Making a Splash: Chillin' with Marvel Chillers

Ya know, Groove-ophiles, when you think about it, Marvel Chillers was quite a wonder. In it's seven short issues, (July 1975-July1976), the title sported two lead features, three editors, four writers, seven pencilers, and ten inkers--and that's not counting cover artists (or that Atlas-era reprint in ish #1)! And while Ol' Groove never really warmed up to Modred the Mystic, I always dug Tigra, so naturally I hadda get my hands on every ish. Another thing Marvel Chillers provided was a mini-vanload of spectacular splashes...and heeeeeere they are!


  1. I liked Marvel Chillers. Mordred had potential; but the Tigra "splashes" are so memorable, priceless. I could never figure out why Tigra couldn't sustain a title of her own. Hell, you had Super Skrull, Red Wolf, Tigra & John Byrne...what more could you ask for ?!

  2. Just curious......Has anyone ever seen anyone move in a Frank Robbins-like pose? :)

  3. "Were" means "man" (from the Latin word 'vir'- as in virile) is Tigra a transsexual hero(ine)? Who's the genius editor (or writer) who didn't know that werewolf means man-wolf? Absolutely hilarious!

  4. Always seemed strange to me that Tigra was called a "werewoman." "Were" = man or woman in Latin. So she's Tigra the Manwoman or Womanwoman? Odd.

  5. I dig that crazy Frank Robbins splash page. Robbins was pretty awesome. One of the most under-rated artists (and writers) of the Bronze Age.

    I mostly love all those dopey Batman stories he wrote in Detective in the early 1970s.



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