Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Pal Sal: "Attuma Triumphant!" by Thomas and S. Buscema

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Today let's dig on some superior Sal Buscema art from Sub-Mariner #31 (August 1970). Yers trooly got his grubby li'l paws on this piece of comicbook heaven during a trade at a friend's garage in the Summer of 1971. What I most remember about the trade is that it took some real wheeling and dealing, 'cause my pal didn't wanna part with that stunning Sal cover--and Li'l Groove had no intention of leaving that garage without it (oh, yeah, and the mag that went with it, natch). Prince Namor, Triton, and Stingray (man, I dig those ca-razee threads!) making like gladiators for Attuma and his minions? Yeah, that was going home with me! So a couple'a old DC's and perhaps a baseball card later, I was able to take "Attuma Triumphant!" to my humble pad where I could rapturously read Roy Thomas' tale of savage super-heroing and let mine eyes savor the awesome artistry of Sal Buscema inked by Mike Esposito (under the guise of "Joe Guadioso"). And you, you lucky Groove-ophile, don't have to trade a thing to get to enjoy this Groovy Age masterpiece!


  1. Great early work by Sal, and it would only get better...
    By the way, does anybody else think Attuma's headgear looks like something he was forced to wear because he lost a bet?

  2. Hey Groovster!
    Sal & Roy's run on the Sub-Mariner. Was one of my all time favorites of both of them & Subby of course! Every month not only did we get action packed stories with fantastic guest stars galore. We got great tales written by Rascally Roy & beautifully illustrated by Sal!

    If you didn't already cover the Hercules issue. I'd love to do it! As you know I'm a big Herc fan also. 1968-74 was my Golden Age! The rest of the 70's weren't too shabby either! Rock On Groovy One! Impreus Rex!

  3. Didn't realize Stingray went back so far. Always loved his costume.

  4. I had this issue as a kid. The splash page was priceless...Mr.Grimm sitting on the couch, watching "Laugh-In". Loved this team-up of Namor, Stingray & Triton against Attuma; just what any 10 year old would want to read on his summer vacation ! Oh yeah, the artwork was fantastic...anything drawn by Sal Buscema was fantastic !!

  5. This and the Avengers stuff inked by Sammy Grainger was my favourite Sal work. The Grainger issues are lovely



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