Monday, April 29, 2013

Random Reads: "Wasteland--on a Weirdling World!" by Effinger, Conway, Andru, and Grainger

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! You wanted more Gullivar Jones, you get more Gullivar Jones! While original series' creative team, writer Roy Thomas and penciler Gil Kane, have moved on to other projects, Gil stuck around to produce another cool cover! Inside the pages of Creatures on the Loose #18 (April 1972) writers George Effinger and Gerry Conway team with artists Ross Andru and Sam Grainger to continue the adventures of Edwin L. Arnold's Warrior of Mars with lots of monsters, action, and even a history lesson (which Ol' Groove is sure editor Roy Thomas had a hand in--just check out the credits). Check it out, baby!


  1. AAAAwwweeesssoommeeee Groovster! Great way to start my monday morning!!

  2. The MORE I see of Marvel covers circa 1972, the more I'm hooked.. Just LOVE that style they had then.

    I didn't start collecting until summer of '73, but these covers from the year preceeding have a very raw aura to 'em, especially the monster mags.

    Awesome selection today, sir.



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