Thursday, April 11, 2013

Far-Out Fantasy Week! Random Reads: "The Eater of Souls!" by Michelinie and Giffen

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Let's check out another fantabulous ish of DC's Claw the Unconquered. "The Eater of Souls!" heralded Claw's return to the spinner-racks after a sixteen-month hiatus, and it showcases writer David Michelinie and artist Keith Giffen in full-on, Michael Moorcock mode, baby! To call Claw the Unconquered #10 (January 1978) "kinda trippy" would be like calling Tiny Tim "a little odd", ya know? But it's sooooooo cool! Check it out...
Cover art by Joe Kubert


  1. Cool to see Giffen's pre-grid pattern days. It's a bit post-Bronze age, but the PREACHER's Steve Dillon also pulled a John Romita Jr and if you see his early work, it's wildly different than what he does now. It's solid stuff but you wouldn't know it was the same guy.

  2. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. Fondly remember this issue, and Giffen's similar work on The Challengers of the Unknown from the same time period.



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