Monday, January 27, 2014

Groovy Age Gold: "Invasion!" by Bill Everett

What it is, Groove-ophiles! During the early 1970s, DC made a habit of reprinting their Golden Age classics as regular back-ups or in mags of their own. Marvel mostly focused their reprints on their early 1960s Marvel Age material, but occasionally some Golden Age strips would sneak through, especially those that featured the Sub-Mariner (editor-in-chief Roy Thomas' fave G.A. strip). "Invasion!" (originally published in Sub-Mariner #35 (August 1954) turned up in--of all places--Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #15 (August 1973). Kinda crazy, but who cares? It's a cool comic with creator/writer/artist Bill Everett in top form. Dig it!


  1. I was just commenting somewhere yesterday about how the Subby stories by Everett were ideal for use in the Dreaded Deadline Doom wars since they were relatively short and featured artwork which was still sleek and felt if not modern then certainly not primitive. Everett was ahead of his time for sure in style.

    Rip Off

  2. Man I was a huge Bill Everett fan! I always loved the Sub-Mariner & every thing Bill drew & inked. I would had loved to seen him & or Gene Colan inked by Bill. Done a few issues of the New X-Men in 75. But sadly we lost Bill in 73, I was really sad. He left us way too soon. At least we'll always have all his art to enjoy. Image Marvel without him or Roy. I know I can't! They helped make the Groovy/Bronze Age what it was/is!

  3. I think Namora is Power Man's mother - his father of course is Dr. J -that would explain it - I'm digging Betty Dean's trench coat - Namora's green scaly swimsuit would be nice if you shaved off the scales and make the color orange... not too sure about that green scaly ribbon in her hair, maybe replace with a sea shell..

  4. That's beautiful art, but man-oh-man, what a lot of expository dialogue.



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