Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Two-Fer: "Wulf Hunt" and "Manhunt for a Murderer!" by Conway, Nasser, and Austin

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! By popular demand, here's the next chapter of Gerry Conway, Mike Nasser (Michael Netzer), and Terry Austin's legendary Green Arrow/Black Canary run in World's Finest. Conway will continue as writer for many, many more issues, but this is the last hoo-rah for the fabamundo Netzer/Austin team. While other okay artists continued the series on into the 80s (okay, Trevor Von Eeden started out okay and got awesome, but that's for another day), the GA/BC strips never, ever, ever looked better than when Mighty Mike and Terrific Terry hunched over that two-ply bristol board! (And whatever you wanna say about the last page of this Black Canary story--yeah, you're right!) From World's Finest Comics #246 (May 1977), here's Black Canary in "Wulf Hunt"!

...aaaand here's Green Arrow finishing his biz with Slingshot in "Manhunt for a Murderer!"


  1. That is indeed some lovely art. I particularly like the renderings of Serinus callipygia...

  2. Me encanta este comics ojala y que lo vuelvan a sacar a la venta ojala en espaƱol como en 1987



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