Friday, January 31, 2014

Making a Splash: Gil Kane, Warlord of Mars!

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Y'know, when Marvel got the rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs' properties in 1977, seemed they knew exactly what to do with 'em: hand them over to their top writers (and probably biggest ERB fans) Roy Thomas (on Tarzan) and Marv Wolfman (on John Carter), pair them up with their top action-artists John Buscema (on Tarzan) and Gil Kane (on John Carter) and turn them loose!

Today we're gonna focus on Gil Kane's John Carter Warlord of Mars (issues 1-10, March-December 1977). Gil didn't do full pencils all the time, for many issues he did the layouts only, but writer/editor Marv kept some dyn-o-mite inkers around for the finishing chores: Dave Cockrum, Tom Sutton, Rudy Messina, the Tribe, and for most issues Rudy Nebres. These artistic team-ups made for action-packed, splendidly other-worldly pages the oozed with a savage sci-fi vibe that well-suited ERB's second most famous hero! Check out these splashes to see what Ol' Groove means...

And y'know, Ol' Groove just realized I've never done a MaS post on Big John Buscema's Tarzan! Well, tune in next Friday when I fix that sitch! Pax!


  1. God, those pages are so beautiful! And a much-needed balm for me today. Many thanks.

  2. These are absolutely lovely - you just reminded me that I really have to get around to reading my Warlord of Mars omnibus...

  3. I love it. These are so beautiful. Thank you for this post.

  4. I never heard of John Carter as a young teen. But then the novels were reprinted with gorgeous covers. Around the same time Marvel's Roy Thomas, Gil Kane & company blew us away. Every issue was simply beautifully done. You can truly see each issue was a labor of love for these top talents. My personal favorite inker was Dave Cockrum. Who I was very lucky to meet once in 2003. As well as get to be friends with for a brief time before he left us. It's been a real jot & honor. To get to meet some in person & be friends with some of my all time favorite old Marvel Bullpenners. Dave Cockrum, Gene Colan, Tony Dezuniga, Joe Sinnott, Herb Trimpe, John Romita SR, Marie Severin, Roy Thomas, & Frank Brunner. All were & are kind, warm & friendly. Not to mention Comic book legends!

  5. I'm struck by the Marvel System of Editors...
    Two ERB comics - two different editors, Marv and Roy.
    Even after they left the ERB properties were edited by two different people.
    How strange.



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