Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Groovy Guest-Post by Mike Mikulovsky: Hail.....Hail Rock N Roll! Or the Devil Made Me Do It!

 Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Mighty Mike Mikulovsky is back with part two of his three-part look at 3-D Man in Marvel Premiere! Dig it!!

Hi there fellow Groovsters! Here's the second action packed installment of the 3-D Man's saga, "The Devil's Music!" from Marvel Premiere #36 (March 1977)! This cover, as all Gil Kane covers do, blew me away (inked no less by the legendary Joltin' Joe Sinnott!). Where we see what looks like a Ricky Nelsen-type character, we really have a Skrull about to get a smack down in 3-D! This issue we not only got a beautiful cover, but two mind-blowing splash pages, as well, by the very talented Jim Craig. You can almost see a Wally Wood look to his art here especially in the action sequences. Along with the similarities to the Golden Age Dare-Devil costume design, Hal Chandler, Chuck's younger brother, even looks like a blond haired Buddy Holly. Of course the whole she-bang was created/written/edited by the great Roy Thomas!

Original Craig/Hunt art used for 3-D effect on pg. 5, panel 3. Dig it!

Original art for page 31

It's a shame the 3-D Spider-Man mag never happened. The 3-D Man was going to be the back up story/character. It would have been really far out to see both Spidey and the 3-D Man actually in 3-D!  Who you gonna call? Skrull Busters! SSttaayy  ttuunneedd...Same 3-D Man!! Same far-out and groovy website!


  1. Re: cover. Wow, I never realized how much Sinnot's inks could over-power the pencils. His Kirby and Starlin stuff always looked like Kirby and Starlin and complemented the art, but I wouldn't have guessed that Gil Kane did the cover; looks more like John Romita, Sr.

  2. The 3-D Man's Christmas colors really pop out on these covers. This was a nice one, but Kirby's "leaping-straight-at-the-reader" style was my favorite. It fits in with the theme.
    I love the blurb the cover: Marvel's Sensational New 1950s' Superhero!"



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