Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Black and White Wednesday: Happy New Year with Amazing World of DC Comics

Happy New Year, Groove-ophiles! 2014! Wow!! Sounds like we should be flying around with jet-packs and wearing futuristic tights for clothing, dunnit? While we don't have those things (yet) we do have the mighty Internet, our portal to the past and future! Today, we're gonna use that pulsating power to go back 40 years to the very first issue of Amazing World of DC Comics (July/August 1974). That mag, itself, is a sort of time machine with it's lessons on the rich history of DC Comics along with its "Direct Currents" previews of (then) upcoming comics. The mag is also filled with photos and art (by titans like Infantino, Aragones, Kubert, Kirby, and Kaluta)--the whole thing is a celebration and that's what we wanna do today--celebrate! Here's the whole mag in its entirety (including some features we've shared in the past). We're not gonna be chintzy here on the first day of 2014! Let the good times roll!!


  1. Happy New Year, Groove! All best wishes for 2014 - Simon ( Cerebus660 )

  2. Thank You For All The Grove in 2013!
    Hope there are many more in 2014
    Happy New Year!



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