Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Groovy Guest-post by Mighty Mike Mikulovsky: "The 3-D Man in 3-D! Or Grease is the Word! (Well, not really in 3-D! But in 2-D!)"

Sweet X-Mas! From the first time I saw the 3-D Man I was a fan for life. Was it because of yet another great cover by Jack "KING" Kirby? Or the crazy red, green, and gold outfit he wore? Or could it been because everyone was yearning for Happy Days  like we were all seeing on ABC every Tuesday week night? Everything 50's was very cool once again! Created by Roy Thomas and artist Jim Craig, 3-D Man borrowed the uniform of the Golden Age hero, Daredevil, goggles and colors from Simon Williams' original Wonderman costume ! The story was originally suppose to be a 3-D comic with 3-D glasses, but for one reason or another (cost $$??) it was never done in 3-D. Sigh! 
The alter ego of the 3-D Man was test pilot Chuck"Yeager?" Chandler a very cool football hero/test pilot. A James Dean/Marlon Brando type who was sort of like Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Ironically, Chuck's crippled younger brother was named Hal! After Chuck ate his Wheaties and had an alien abduction run in with a gang of butt ugly Skrulls in their UFO, he crash landed back on earth, somehow merging with his brother Hal's glasses to become the triple strong, triple tough, triple fast 3-D Man! Ok enough of my long winded intro.  Watch the skies! Beware of any strange acting neighbors or strangers you might meet, because they might really be much stranger than you think! They might be Skrulls! AAAyyyyy!!! Let's Rock N Roll!!   

The Story Behind the Story!


  1. Got this one. Not impressed with the story so much, but the cover is something to behold!
    Definitely a big 50's nostalgia wave going on there in the late 70's-early 80's.

  2. Really enjoyed these issues of Premiere. 3-D Man filled a nice niche in the history at Marvel. I thought the Jim Craig art was fantastic and fit the story quite well. His splash pages on this series were top notch. Always thought there could have been a lot more to explore with the character but he never took off.



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