Friday, January 10, 2014

Making a Splash: Jerry Bingham and Gene Day on Black Panther and Marvel Two-In-One

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today we're going to look at one of Ol' Groove's fave art teams of the late 70s--Jerry Bingham and Gene Day! Jerry Bingham (best known as artist on the Batman: Son of the Demon graphic novel) had a very cool style. A bit Neal Adams, a bit Marshall Rogers, a bit Underground style, he did quite a few comics in the late 70s. The late Gene Day is famous for his work on Star Wars and Master of Kung Fu, but his glorious inks looked great on super-heroes, too! Just check out these splashes from Black Panther #'s 13-15 (October 1978-February 1979), Marvel Premiere #'s 51-53 (September 1979-January 1980), Marvel Two-In-One #'s 61-63 (December 1979-February 1980), and MTIO #66 (May 1980). I really dig these pages. How 'bout you?


  1. I love the murderous Roger Dean style flying elephant.

  2. Yep, I totally dig these, and they bring back some good comics-reading memories. Except for the first three from BP #s13-15, I used to have all of these issues. The Marvel 2-in-1 issues in particular were outstanding: really strong stories and wonderful art by Bingham and Day. I realize most fans consider the BP issues from Marvel Premiere a disappointing conclusion to McGregor's Klan story, and I guess they're right, but I was so fascinated with the whole thing that I actually tracked down and bought the back issues of Jungle Action that featured the original Klan saga - and those blew my pre-teen mind...

  3. Great! Makes me wish I had a chance to read these as a kid. Any chance of posting the full issue of the those issues of Marvel 2 in 1? Looks like a great story!

  4. Great stuff! You have to post one of the Marvel Two-In-One issues that Perez and Day did in the Project Pegasus storyline. I loved that arc.

  5. just another reminder of how great Gene Day was. He is among my all time favorite inkers, along with Terry Austin, Klaus Janson, and Tom Palmer



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