Thursday, March 12, 2015

Amazed by Aparo: "Espionage: Muscle Beach Style!" by Kaler and Aparo

Can you dig it, Groove-ophiles? Near the beginning of the Groovy Age, Charlton Comics unleashed Tiffany Sinn, the CIA Sweetheart in the pages of Career Girl Romances issues 38-39. James Bond was hot, and beautiful women have always helped sell some comics, so it's no wonder the folks at Charlton (perhaps premiere story writer Gary Friedrich) created such a unique strip. Today, though, we're interested in Tiffany's final appearance from ish #10 (July 1967) of Secret Agent. Why that particular tale? 'Cause "Espionage: Muscle Beach Style!" was brought to you  by the Nightshade team-supreme of Dave Kaler and Jim (the Man Who Amazed Us) Aparo, baby!


  1. Another hidden gem of Aparo's fantastic early Charlton art! Thanks for sharing this, Groove.

  2. It's amazing the amount of work Jim Aparo was putting into his art considering the low page rates Charlton was paying.



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