Friday, March 27, 2015

Diversions of the Groovy Kind/Bronze Age Babies Team-Up! The Grooviest Covers of All Time: "Pleased As Punch to See You!" or "Marvel Heroes Hit It Off!"

A couple weeks ago, my pal Doug at Bronze Age Babies posted about super-heroes guest-starring on the covers of other super-heroes' mags. His readers (Ol' Groove included, natch) enthusiastically responded with tons (really, tons) of cool cover ideas. Yers trooly owned up to the fact that I was gonna steal some of those ideas, but Doug, genius and honest fellow that he is, suggested that we do a DotGK/BAB cross-over featuring many of the covers that had been suggested. So when you head over to BAB today (if you haven't already), you're gonna see lots of cool DC guest-star covers--cause Doug let Ol' Groove pick and I chose to showcase Marvel "team-up" covers (but not Marvel Team-Up or Marvel Two-In-One) here on the Diversions.

Of course, we're not gonna sling just any old covers at ya. For my part, we're gonna look at how Marvel heroes, when visiting other heroes' mags, usually greeted one another--with a slug in the kisser! Yeah, they'd wind up making up and teaming up, but those cover-tussles sure forced a lotta Groovy Age kids to fork over dimes, nickels, quarters, and pennies! Here are a few of the very best by some of the very best featuring the very best!


  1. Crossover covers were always big for me when buying comics as a kid. I felt like I was getting two heroes for the price of one.

  2. Excellent, love the team-up idea, and I'm simultaneously grateful yet disappointed that in that spirit of the day there's no image of the Groovy Agent about to trade punches with Karen & Doug before they join forces to fight some nefarious foe threatening to destroy the world's supply of Bronze Age comics.

    Otherwise, I have to say, besides Spider-man, Namor and Iron Man certainly do seem to figure prominently in these inter-hero cover confrontations, don't they? There's a few more featuring either or both that came to mind almost immediately.

  3. Great post, Groove!

    And thanks for posting the Defenders cover guesting Wonder Man. I'd not seen that since whatever-happened-to-it after I had it as a kid!


  4. Man Groove... Love this idea! If you considered the 60s. I think the Subby, Hulky, and Spidey would add up to a boxcar full of cross-over covers since they were constantly "misunderstood" by all the other heroes. And then Lucky Cagey wore the mantle in the 70s. Though honestly I can't believe they ever forgave Subby after he tidal-waved New York City in the early 40s.

  5. Great covers. Sadly I had most of these comics but had to sell them after the economic crash of 2008. My car died and I needed new tires and an axle and no way to pay for it. Oh Well, these covers bring back a lot of memories. This site is the first thing I go to when I go on the internet and it's too bad you couldn't write a book about how much Marvel from the 70's means to you and your audience. It's an era of $1.50 giant size comics, DC 100 page super specials and an era that will never ever be repeated again. It was a time before corporate greed took over the industry. It was the only place where you could get good story telling and learn some life lessons about being a good citizen.



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