Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Byrne-ing to Read: "Spider In the Middle!" by Mantlo, Byrne, and Esposito

Whoo-hoo! Here we are with the concluding chapter of Bill Mantlo and John Byrne's Spider-Man/Hulk/Woodgod adventure! "Spider In the Middle" was a thrill when it came out in Marvel Team-Up #54 (November 1977), and a thrill it is, still! (Phoebe Snow wasn't singing about me, I know...)

Oh, and don't worry about Spidey. He'll be okay. Ya don't believe me? Well, then check this out...

1 comment:

  1. "Maybe Hulk clapped too hard..."??? :P Hulk does not deal in "maybe's" or in the status of probabilities! Hulk states only FACTS!!! Hulk says, "Hulk clapped too hard, now Hulk falling!" :D Hulk thinks Hulk saying "maybe" is hilarious & ridiculous!



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