Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Byrne-ing to Read: "Nightmare in New Mexico!" by Mantlo and Byrne

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Hey, baby, does Ol' Groove ever have a goodie for ya today! Have ya ever seen John Byrne's first official shot at drawing the X-Men ? The Jocular One's first professional Hulk job? How about Woodgod's sensational second appearance? Well, we've got it all
--even Spider-Man--today in "Nightmare in New Mexico!" from Marvel Team-Up #53 (October 1976)! Is today your lucky day or what? And it's only Tuesday!

And yeah, the previous masterpiece was written by Bill Mantlo and inked by Frank Giacoia!


  1. Wow, I didn't know this kind of obscure issue of MTU had so many firsts, especially the first time Byrne drew the X-men.

  2. Just a guess, but I'd say it looks like Cockrum touched up Byrne's pencils, just like he did in Iron Fist #15, the next time Byrne drew the X-Men.

  3. Boy howdy! A cool issue. I agree with J.A., I see a little Cockrum in there.
    A cool period for MTU. Great art by Byrne and fine writing by Mantlo. In the issue after next, we would see the titanic team-up of Spider-Man and Adam Warlock, as they face off against the cosmic menace of the Stranger on the moon!



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