Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Black and White Wednesday: "Escape from Nine by 1" by Russ Heath

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! As many times as Ol' Groove has rapped about Atlas/Seaboard's Thrilling Adventure Stories, I've never laid this Russ Heath mini-masterpiece upon ya from ish #1 (cover dated February 1975): "Escape from Nine by 1"! A war/adventure tale from one of comics' masters!


  1. I remember this! Loved Russ Heath's artwork but didn't get to see it often, maybe because the various black and white mags - even the Marvels - weren't very well distributed this side of the Atlantic. Except for some strange reason the first issue of Thrilling Adventure Stories which seemed to be on sale everywhere.
    Thanks a lot Groove, this is much appreciated. Definitely up for more Heath whenever you feel like it.


    1. By his own admission Russ Heath was spending a lot of time in the discos in the 70s and not creating his art. Sadly, his pleasure was our loss. Loved this example of what he could do when he was working.

  2. A rather simple story, definitely worth for Heath's great art.
    Now for some nitpicking.
    The Gruppenfuhrer's uniform looks quite correct, though I'm not so sure about the eagle (looks more like the wehrmacht type, is more correct in p. 4), but the officer's rank seems too high for a stalag commander (a Gruppenfuhrer is a Major General). I think an "amerikaner aviator" should have been held in custody in a Luft Stalag (a camp for war pilots run by the Luftwaffe like in "The great escape"). Oh, and I seem to recall that the SS didn't say "Herr Gruppenfuhrer" but just "Gruppenfuhrer".
    Anyway, I dig it!



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