Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "The Beast Is Waiting" by Gill and Sattler

HiiiiiiiYA, Groove-ophiles! Groove-ophile Joey M. spake unto Ol' Groove that too much time hath passed since the last time we shared a Yang adventure. Joey doth truly be correct! Forsooth, yea, and verily, the time hath come to rectify that sitch! Feast thine eyes 'pon the wonder that was Yang #5 (August 1974). An issue like this maketh one wonder, why wasn't Charlton's Kung-Fu rip-off, er, inspired mag more popular? Why wast Bigfoot so popular in the mid-70s? And why is Ol' Groove usin' that faux-Shakespearean lingo? I dunno--just dig on Joe Gill and Warren Sattler's "The Beast Is Waiting", baby!

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  1. Hey Groove - appreciate you showing titles besides the "Big 2" of Marvel and DC. Indeed, some of my fav 70s books were from Charlton (Vengeance Squad, E-Man, Various War titles) and Atlas and Gold Key and, of course, that large, hard-back "Tarzan of The Apes" by Hogarth. Now that was something for a kid to see... a big, hard-back book of Tarzan by the master himself.




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