Thursday, April 9, 2015

Groove's Faves: "The Cloud with the Lethal Lining!" by Bates, Netzer, and Colletta

How cool is this, Groove-ophiles! A short Flash shocker penciled by Michael Netzer (then Mike Nasser) and inked by Vinnie Colletta! Of course, this forgotten classic from Adventure Comics #466 (August, 1979) was written by regular Flash author Cary Bates and features one of Flash's top rogues, The Weather Wizard. Check out "The Cloud with the Lethal Lining!"


  1. Ah, that wonderful year when Adventure was a dollar comic. Every issue was packed with so much goodness.
    I recall this story quite vividly - I just loved the art. I was regularly reading the main Flash series at the time as well, but I liked the Flash stories in Adventure better.

  2. Not even Vinnie Colletta's inks can obscure the Neal Adams-ish Nasser/Netzer pencils! - Jeff Clem

  3. WOW.. Some of the best Flash art I've seen in a while..!! Must pick this up.



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