Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Team-up: "Suffer Not a Warlock to Live!" by Gruenwald, Bingham, and Day

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today's the big wrap-up of Mark Gruenwald, Jerry Bingham, and Gene Day's "Her" saga from Marvel Two-In-One issues 61-63 featuring The Thing, Starhawk, and Moondragon! Man, did Ol' Groove both love and hate this issue when it came out! My heart nearly jumped outta my chest when I saw Adam Warlock's hand popping up out of that grave on that amazing George Perez/Terry Austin cover! I was thrilled at the cosmically inspired art by Bingham and Day, and oh, how I loved how Gruenwald filled in the continuity gaps concerning Sphinxor, changes in the Soul Gem, Counter-Earth, Warlock's temporary cosmic giantism, and what the High Evolutionary had been up to while Adam was out doing all the dirty work. That's the love part. We'll explore the hate part after you read "Suffer Not a Warlock to Live!" from Marvel Two-In-One #63 (February 1980). Don't wanna spoil the story...

Are you ready for the hate part now? Okay, here goes...I really, really hoped that Warlock would be back for good--and boy, was Teen Groove bummed when he wasn't. I eventually realized what a truly classy move it was on Gruenwald's part not to revive Adam. These days of hokey, obviously temporary "deaths" makes me appreciate Gruenwald's decision even more. Was this a great three-parter or what? Love that Groovy Age!!


  1. Those are some interesting perspectives on the conclusion to this story, Groove. I'm a few years younger than you, so when I first read this story I hadn't yet read Starlin's Warlock saga, and I just wasn't emotionally invested in seeing Adam come back. I do recall thinking it was all a bit of an anti-climax, though. Now, though, I definitely agree with you that Gruenwald really made the right choice her, and the ending is rather poignant.

  2. hey, i own the last page's original atwork !!! (bought it last summer from a german collector) ...
    when younger, i really fancied these marvel 2-in-1 issues (by john byrne, jerry bingham or george perez - circa 1979-1980) ...

  3. It's always great to see a visual history of how collabs like this can turn out.



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