Friday, April 17, 2015

Making a Splash: Herb Trimpe's Hulk, Part Four

Well, Groove-ophiles, Ol' Groove is sure that by now you've heard the sad news that Herb Trimpe passed away this past Monday at the age of 75. We've rapped about Herb quite often here in Groove City. Not only about his benchmark Incredible Hulk work, but his time on Godzilla, Ant-Man (in Marvel Feature), and his cool covers. We've even gotten to spend time on some  of his most memorable art jobs (like this one or this one). Wish I'd gotten around to finishing up the splashes for Herb's legendary Incredible Hulk run (issues 167- 193, June 1973-August 1975) while he was still around, but that's the way it goes, innit? Here's to ya, Happy Herb! Thank you for all the years of awesome artistry!

And for you completists, here's Herb's fill-in from Incredible Hulk #204 (July 1976). Pax!


  1. Boy, did Trimpe ever know how to draw a splash page.

  2. I love the nice touch of MODOK's staff having to take positions on pedestals to report to him. For their sake, I hope those tubes were lifts, rather than something they had to scramble up!

  3. Herb was a great guy. I interviewed him a few years back for Back Issue #28. Sadly I never had the chance to have him do a commission for me. Before he left the Hulk. Their was suppose to be a issue where old Jade Jaws battle Colossus of the New X-Men. As well as some or all the team. For some unknown reason it was done.I was going to have Herb at least draw that cover. Then hopefully draw me a 20-22 page story. With the battle royal & toward the end. Thunderbird, Sunfire, cyclips, night crawler & Wolverine show up. Sigh! I wish it had been done. So it could had been published in memory of Herb.R.I.P. my friend

  4. You missed one from Hulk #190 of the Shaper of Worlds!

    1. No, it's there...look again..."The Man Who Came Down On a Rainbow"...

  5. Sorry to hear of his passing. He was supposed to be at the Emerald City Comicon circa 2008 - 2009 (can't remember which) but he was a no show. So I sadly never got to meet him. Didn't realize he'd been inked so many issues by Jack Abel. He always looked best when inked by John Severin.

  6. RIP Herb Trimpe. Hulk artist extraordinaire. Wonderful human being and all around great guy. Marvel mainstay. One of a kind. Never knew him or met him but his death felt like losing a favourite uncle. Farewell old friend.

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  7. I'm laughing at the BiBeast...just because.

  8. He spoiled me !

    To me the hulk died when he stopped doing the comic !



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