Friday, April 24, 2015

Making a Splash: John Byrnes Up Marvel Team-Up

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove is in the mood for some cool team-ups and some John Byrne art! Sound good to you? Yeah, that's what I thought! From October 1976 to December 1978 (issues 53-79), Byrne was the main artist on Marvel Team-Up. Most issues were scripted by Chris Claremont, but the first few were scripted by Byrne's former Champions partner Bill Mantlo. Dig it! The Hulk! Woodgod! Adam Warlock! Yellowjacket and The Wasp! Human Torch! Ms. Marvel! Iron Fist! Captain Britain! Tigra! Man-Thing! Havoc! Thor! Power Man! Red Sonja! Ahhhhh, the Groovy Age!


  1. Fantastic stuff, but then again, Byrne victim that I am, I can't help but love every single one of these. And I have a special fondness for those last two, as they're from my favorite single issue of MTU.

  2. Johnny B - If you got a pulse, you gotta love his work... I really want to re-read his Fantastic Four run. ANyone recomend whether it'd be more enjoyable to get the back issues (not unreasonably priced on ebay) or just get the Omnibus? Exclesior.

  3. Such good memories. And I now recall how I practiced copying in pencil those Iron Fist images. Byrne and J. Buscema both made me want to be an artist. (I am not one . . . )

  4. I have the issues with Iron Fist and Havok/Living Monolith! Man those MTU issues look like real collectibles!

    - Mike 'Byrne victim' from Trinidad & Tobago.

  5. Byrne's Red Sonja, Tigra and Mary Jane = Yummmm!!!

  6. Charlie Horse 47: I have the two Byrne FF Omnibi (as well as the original issues). The big collections are worth it, I think, for the higher quality paper and better color separation (although on Vol.2 I thought some of the reprinted issues were garishly bright compared to what I remembered from the originals). The major drawback is that the size/weight of the books makes it an awkward reading experience unless you want to sit at a desk or table to read them.

  7. I loved Claremont and Byrnes run on Marvel Team Up. It was great to see those old issues again. By the way, have you noticed how often Claremont and Byrne worked together in the 70's? Marvel Team Up, Iron Fist, Powerman, and of course X-Men. And I read they did not like each other.



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