Monday, April 27, 2015

Avengers 2 Week! Making a Splash: Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Avengers 2 is coming and Ol' Groove is psyched! beyond words Yers trooly loved the first Avengers flick, and this one has my hopes even higher? Why? Three "new" Avengers--the three heroes who were the "main" Avengers when I started collecting (circa Avengers #75-104), Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver, are finally coming to the big screen. Yeah, I know the movie versions of Vizh, Wanda, and Pietro won't be a whole lot like "my" Avengers, but based on how well Joss Whedon and company have handled the Assemblers so far, I have no fear of disappointment. "My" Avengers still exist in my back issues, tpbs, and memories, and the celluloid Avengers can carry on the tradition of blowing my mind! While we (here in the U.S.--the rest of you lucky ones can laugh at our excitement) wait for Friday's big debut (or if you're as lucky as Ol' Groove and family, the sneak peek on Thursday), here are some sensational splashes featuring the Groovy Age versions of our "newest" Avengers to tide you over...
Avengers 66, Art by Barry Smith and Syd Shores

Avengers 181, Art by John Byrne and Gene Day


  1. Love the last two in particular, as those were from my personal favorite run of the Avengers.
    Also, I just love that one from Avengers #92, with Vision lounging around with a white turtleneck pulled over his regular togs. It's so wonderfully silly.

  2. Groove dude - Love the postings! I might have broken format and included the cover to Avengers 93 (though I do not recall te splash but I seem to think The Vision is reaching out as if dying)! It really was a "key" issue when published, costing $.25, Adams art, Skrulls, etc. Somewhere I read Thomas? Adams? wanted to entitle it "Three Cows Shot me down?" Cheers!

    1. Oh, the covers are coming in another post, Charlie!

  3. Oh yea, I forgot my self-indulcing trip down memory lane.... The splash to Avengers 89... I remember as a 10 year old thinking "Why would Marvel wear a trench coat over the red? Wouldn't Marvel change his pants and mask, too?" Anyhow, I used to the think the Green Captain Marvel was the coolest Cpt Marvel uniform and perhaps the coolest Marvel Universe uniform of all. Any chance you can indulge us true believers with a panorama of "Marvel" uniforms? Puh-leeeze??? Cheers!

  4. Little coloring problem on 105 . . . ?



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