Thursday, June 18, 2015

Funny Stuff! "The Great Exploration" by Uncredited

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Groove-ophile Charlie Horse 47 recently suggested we lighten things up with some humor comics (namely Sad Sack, and I'm workin' on it, Charlie!) and he's right. Besides Marvel and DC, Archie and Harvey Comics (especially Richie Rich) ruled their fair share of the spinner racks, not to mention the Disney and Hanna-Barbera classics that could easily be found during the Groovy Age. So here comes yet another new department: Funny Stuff! We'll spread a li'l "ha-ha" 'round here from time to time. Hope you enjoy! We'll kick off with a cool Richie Rich short, "The Great Exploration". Couldn't find credits for this little gem (pun intended), but it sure looks like Ernie Colon art to moi. From Richie Rich Millions #58 (December 1972), find out what it's like when your house is just too dad-gummed big!


  1. Groove, All I can say is, "You do man!" What a fun story! Didn't all us kids wish we were this rich? Look forward to seeing stories from the Sad Sack, Hot Stuff, etc. And you are indeed correct about these comics in the 1970s. My local "news agency" had two spinner racks - one for superheroes, war, and such, and the other completely dedicated to the "fun stuff." (On the sour side, I can only imagine if Gerry Conway started writing Richie Rich. Would we learn that Freckles was actually Mrs. Rich's love child from a union with Barney Google or something? LOL)

  2. Your point about ruling a "fair share" of the spinner racks is apt. Richie Rich alone accounted for quit a bit of the spinner rack real estate during the 1970s, as on average there were usually over 10 Richie different titles published in any given month. Personally, though, I never saw the appeal: even when I went through my phase of reading mainly Disney and Archie comics, I never ventured into Harvey territory...

    1. LOL... I was the opposite. I would read Richie, Sad Sack, and Hot Stuff before I'd read the HB fare, Disney, Archie.... (And oddly enough, we would buy some kind of monthly mag that had cartoons of car-related themes. I can't recall the title now, though. I'm sure it all "fit" since we were also buying these "odd rod" stickers as well, which sell fora a good buck on ebayl.) Go figure. There really is "no accounting for taste." But I must say, in retrospect, it is amazing how many non-superhero comics were on the market. Have a good day!



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