Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Boys from Derby: "No Witnesses" by Cuti and Staton

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Two of our fave Boys from Derby are back with a short shocker that will answer questions that have been asked for ages! From Midnight Tales #8 (April 1974), here are Nick Cuti and Joe Staton with..."No Witnesses"!


  1. Boy, I liked Joe Staton's artwork at Charlton. It was a lot more stylized than the conventional approach he used once he started working at D.C. Coupled with the fact that he also did his own unique lettering, it made for a very pleasant reading experience. He and Cuti always worked well together, especially on their 10 issue masterpiece E-Man.

  2. Nice... but have we already pulled the plug of Titanic Tuesdays? I was looking forward to he next Tee Titans installment...

    1. No way, Johnny-boy! Titanic Tuesdays (like MOKF, Micronauts, and Metal Mondays) is pretty much a monthly feature 'til we run out. I love putting y'all through that monthly cliffhanger like we got back in the Groovy Age! Hey, be glad I hated the bi-monthly schedule! ;D

    2. Hey Groove Agent, if you really wanted to simulate back-in-the-day, you would just skip it all together, and leave it to our imaginations as to how the sotry concludes. I truly do remember not being able to find Avengers from # 94 - #99. Also Daredevil #93 - #98. I tried, and tried, and tried... and rode my bike miles every month. No luck. When you think about it, there was some serious talent on those issues, like Neal Adams and Gene Colan.

    3. Now, that would just be mean, lol!! I could run some out of order--like I had Avengers 101 and 102 before I found #100!

  3. No kidding! I feel sort of sorry for kids, to the extent kids read comics anymore, that everything is always there. No disappointment, frustration, etc. No thrill of the hunt. Then again, with some many characters in so many different series, concurrently... I get a headache when I walk into a comic book store. The owners always laugh when I say, "OK, which of the Spider Man series is the "real" one." And the editors at Marvel say they are "sticklers" for continuity unlike in the 1970s when Marvel Team Up did not need to synch with Amazing Spider Man. Riiiiiight.....



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