Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Boys from Derby: "Yang the Slave" and "Yang Meets Yin" by Gill and Sattler

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoooooooooaaaaaaa! In another my a long string of fixing up Ol' Groove's "Why the heck did I do that?" moments, we're opening the Files of the Far Out to (at long, LONG last) bring you...Yang #1 (September 1973) by Joe Gill and Warren Sattler! We've read and rapped about Yang many times, but yers trooly is only just now getting 'round to share the very first ish with ya! What brought this on, you might ask? Well, I don't know about you, but Ol' Groove is thrilled beyond thrilled that Yang has returned via Charlton-Neo's Pix-C online comics strips! Written by Roger (Daredevil, Captain America, and lots more) McKenzie with art by Ben (Big Bang Comics) Torres, Yang is but one (but whatta one!) of over a dozen incredible, far-out, groovy, and oh-so-cool online comics on Pix-C! If you haven't subscribed to Pix-C via Patreon, you don't know what you're missing--and that's no jive! (And no, Rog, Mort, nor any of the other Charlton-Neo gang paid Ol' Groove to do this post--they're just THAT GOOD, baby! Trust Ol' Groove!) Now, on with Yang!!


  1. Fabulous story, the best rendition of the TV show "Kung Fu" never done. Joe Gill and Warren Sattler created an involving series here, one of the best Charlton produced ever. Glad to see it's not forgotten.

    Rip Off :)

  2. Wow This is a compelling story indeed. Who wins: TV's Kung Fu vs. IP Man vs. Yang vs. Master of Kung Fu in an all out "cage match" a la 1970s "professional" TV wrestling. Just askin... In meantime, Groove, I really could use a "Sad Sack" fix? All these serious stories leave me craving the simple fun of the Sack!

    1. Sad Sack, huh? Another great idea! I'll see what I can do!

    2. Groove - my brother, cousin, and I would really get into the Sack! Perhaps, as a group, more than any other type of comic book (superhero, etc.) we liked Sack and Richie Rich. Sad's and Richie's adventures, through the eyes of 10 year olds, were simply stupefying and magisterial. (For what it's worth, my kids only would read Archies and British "Annuals" like Beano, Dandy, and Dennis the Menace (brit version). They never got into super heroes. I remember at Chicago Comic Con 7 years ago meeting one of the Astro City crew, at their booth, and they were really intrigued my little kids read comics. I advised that they are heavily censored and simply are not allowed to read "today's" superhero stuff.

    3. You've inspired me, Charlie! This coming Thursday will be our first Funny Stuff! feature! No Sad Sack yet (I'm working on it), but we'll debut with Richie Rich! Howzat?

    4. That Charlie Horse can inspire Groove Agent is a virtuous thing! (FYI: Charlie Horse 47 = CH-47 = Chinook Pilot for 5 years is where the name comes from. LOL.)

      B.t.w. Hot Stuff was another fav amongst us youngsters. Harvey had a pretty cool lineup for boys, when you uthink about it. Richie Rich (money), Hot Stuff (fire and mischief)... not so much Casper and Wendy...

  3. Rip Jagger beat me to it. I'm totally digging the "Kung Fu" vibe this comic has. With all the comic adaptations of TV & Movies going on in the '70s, how did they miss Kung Fu!?!?.

    Here's great cover from an old Charlton Mag http://www.comicvine.com/the-deadliest-heroes-of-kung-fu-1/4000-176781/



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