Monday, June 15, 2015

Greetings From Skartaris: "Home Is a Four-Letter Word!" by Mike Grell

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! It's time for another trip back to the savage world of Skartaris--literally for our fave Warlord, Travis Morgan, as he and the beauteous Russian archaeologist Mariah find their way back into the earth and Skartaris! Not only is this ish important in examining more secrets of the inner-earth, but Mariah will become a major supporting character as time goes by. Whaddya say we join Travis, Mariah, and writer/artist Iron Mike Grell for..."Home Is a Four-Letter Word!" from Warlord #6 (January 1977)!


  1. Hey Groove, Don't know how to reach you other than through the comment section. How about doing a day or two of "controversial" 70s panels e.g., "snap" of Gwen Stacey's neck, Reed Richards getting his divorce requests. Or, documenting the "loss of innicence" for us kids thorugh the 70s, or something like that... I mean, think about it... How do we go from FF 91 in 1969, in which Skrulls mimic 1920s gangsters and their Tommy Guns are actually lasers to killing off girl friends, divorce, alcoholism (Iron Man Demon in a bottle), drug abuse... Seriously entertaining to serious downer. I suspect you get more than a couple comments, LOL. Cheers,

    1. That's a great idea, Charlie! I'll thunk on that for a while. I did do a piece a long time ago about the deaths of Sharon Carter, Jarella, Dorma, and Gwen Stacy. The focus was a bit different...or is it? I'll have to re-read it. You can check it out too, if you're interested:


      Maybe I should bring back my "Now That's Heavy, Man" department?

  2. For easy navigation, here's a link to Groove's post of the next issue, WARLORD 7, cover-dated July 1977:



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