Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: "A Time Stop" by Will Eisner

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today we're going black, white, and blue as we take a look at a classic reprint of Will Eisner's The Spirit from Warren Magazines' far-out and truly groovy b&w mag of the same name. Issue #10 (August 1975) of The Spirit is an all-time fave. An extra-sized, extra-special summer special, it was chock-full of superior Eisner Spirit stories. One of Ol' Groove's faves is "A Time Stop" (originally published in January 1951), always made me wonder if Rod Serling read The Spirit (and Ol' Groove would just about bet his copy of Avengers #88 that he did), 'cause it's definitely the stuff from which a Twilight Zone episode was made!


  1. Always nice to see a Spirit story - and yes, this one certainly does seem like it inspired at least one Twilight Zone episode.
    Anyway, I just have to say how awesome Warren's Spirit Magazine was. I still think those are by far the best reprints of the Spirit stories.

  2. I have to agree: Warren did a great job. Strange that as a 12 year old kid I would actually buy some of those Warren Spirits since they were, and still are, quite different than your standard comic book superhero fare. Eisner's Spirit... all other attempts just fall short (as do attempts at the other greats like Plastic Man, Cpt Marvel, etc. imho.)

  3. So many of these were great stories. If it originally came out in 1951 then it could have been written by either Jules Pfeiffer, Marilyn Mercer or even Eisner himself.

  4. Loved Warren's Spirit reprints. The washes and tinting that Warren did to Eisner's art were perfect. The Spirit never looked so good.



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