Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Boys from Derby: "Brides for Sale!" by Gill and Sattler

HiiiiYA, Groove-ophiles! Today we're gonna rap a little bit about the ninth issue of Charlton's Yang, which hit the spinner-racks way back in June, 1975. This issue delves into some really deep water, with women being sold into slavery and then trained in the martial arts to rise up against their oppressors. A kung-fu western Yang may have been, but t'was a product of its time, too, as this tale will tell. Also of interest is the ending, which is used to alert readers that a Yang spin-off, namely, House of Yang, existed (HoY debuted in April). All this and product placement, too? Here's "Brides for Sale!" by Joe Gill and Warren Sattler...


  1. There's something warm and appealing about Warren Sattler's artwork. While Sanho Kim's House of Yang had a greater sense of authenticity, Yang itself always had that inviting charm a comic needed back then.

    Rip Off

  2. Thanks for the yang. I really like him even though it's a Kung/fu tv show wanna be, it's more. I discovered yang a few years with it's first story on a blog long gone "the Charlton story."

  3. Yang was the poor man's Master of Kung Fu, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  4. That was a wonderful story and so ahead of it's time in dealing with sex traffickers. Thanks for posting Groove.

  5. Nice art! I've never heard of Sattler. Thanks for the intro!

  6. Thanks for posting this issue. I've spoken with Mr. Sattler and he's an incredibly kind man. And, yes, even though he's up there in years, he can still draw an excellent Yang. A year and a half back I got tired of my comic book collection and tossed it all into the garbage (seriously) with some exceptions that included Valley of the Dinosaurs by Fred Himes, Korg 70,000 BC by Pat Boyette, and Yang/Billy the Kid by Warren Sattler. Those were the keepers. You'd be surprised to see what got tossed. Some pretty valuable books. Barely missed them and don't care, even now.

  7. What happened to page 1, Groove?

    1. An armadillo from Marvel came and ate it, but I wrestled that varmint to the ground and made it cough page one up! It's fixed now. Thanks, for the head's up, Groove-ophile!



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