Monday, May 2, 2016

MOKF Monday: "The Phoenix Gambit Part II: End Game" by Moench, Zeck, and Tartag

HiiiiiEEEYA, Groove-ophiles! Here's the cataclysmic conclusion to last month's MOKF Monday masterpiece, "The Phoenix Gambit Part II: End Game"! Creators Doug Moench, Mike Zeck, and John Tartaglione wrap up the cosmic chess game between Dr. Doom (!) and the Prime Mover, by pitting Shang Chi and company against a truckload of kung-fu baddies...I was gonna say you'll "get a kick out of it"...but I won't. Instead, I'll just shut up and say this one's from Master of Kung Fu #60 (October 1977) and let ya enjoy the show... 
Cover art by Ernie Chan


  1. Mike Zeck hadn't yet established himself as a worthy successor to Paul Gulacy at this point. And he wasn't helped by the substandard inking of John Tartaglione here. But with Doug Moench's steady hand at the helm, they were soon to flower into the second renaissance of MOKF. Different from Moench/Gulacy, but equally as good.

    1. True, keythd23, when Gene Day came along with his bombastic brushwork, he, penciler Zeck, and author Moench did, indeed, create one of the greatest MOKF ever. Lots of the issues that titanic trio created are right here on the Diversions (quite possibly showcased in links just below this very post!

    2. The Moench/Zeck/Day team was pretty close to perfection. Issues # 89 - 100 were an unbroken chain of great story telling. Too bad there's copyright issues with MOKF preventing it from being reprinted. An Omnibus or Masterworks volume would be a great thing to curl up in bed with.

    3. Rejoice, Groove-ophile, 'cause Marvel is reprinting both MOKF and Deadly Hands in omnibus form.

      They're expensive, but they're coming! ;D

    4. Great news. I'll start saving my shekels now.



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