Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: Iconic Gil Kane Original Marvel Art

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Ya had such a positive response to the Gene Colan original art post, Ol' Groove thought, "Why not try that trick again--but this time with Gil Kane original art?" So, once more, yers trooly has scoured the intrawebs to steal--er--collect some of the coolest, most Marvel-ous Gil Kane original artwork to amaze and astound ya! Try not to fry your orbs, baby!

First some covers...

Now for some splashes...

And we'll finish up with some awesome interiors...

You're welcome!


  1. As much as i try NOT to be aGil Kane Fan and i really thot so.
    This Super Post Can and Does Say Otherwise
    You've Shown that to be the Wonderful Case. He did Make Mine Marvel.
    Ha. Ya didn't see dat Comin bub.
    Thanks bunches G man.

  2. The Gil Kane mania really seems to be going viral at the moment. I also did a recent post on Gil Kane with the original art for the cover of WORLDS UNKNOWN 6 but I included the finished cover because it was altered from the original version. Apparently the Killdozer look too happy and not menacing enough.

  3. Dude, how did you come across the cover to ASM 101? It's yours?? Can I be your best friend??? I'll gladly trade you two George Baker Sad Sack originals for one GK ASM 101 cover original???? What say ye, true believer?????

  4. Ha, I wish. All the original art I post on the blog is found on the internet on sites like ComicArtFans, RomitaArt or Pinterest. But this cover was posted on Brian Michael Bendis tumblr :

    You´d have to ask him if he owns the piece or who does.

  5. Gil Kane. Gil Kane. How could Marvel have shone without his ubiquitous presence in the 70s and 80s? It was quite a coup when his covers started popping up all over the place just as Marvel became the # 1 publisher and started expanding their line. I believe he did over 800 for them in every genre. And it was a treat whenever he did interiors such as What If # 3 with the great Klaus Janson and Journey Into Mystery # 1 with Tom Palmer.



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