Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grooviest Covers of All Time: The Summer of 1975, Part 2

We're back with more magnificent memories from the sensational summer of 1975! Yesterday we thrilled to the Marvel and DC mags Young Groove got his paws on way back then--today, let's take a look at what I bought with my spare change...and when my funds ran out, a little begging!

Atlas/Seaboard was folding, as was E-Man, but Doomsday +1 and Vengeance Squad were coming on strong, and of course Archie and summertime were made for each other. Kinda sad to think that only one of the companies represented here, Archie, is still around. Ah, but that's why we have memories--and back issues!


  1. Atlas, Gold Key's painted covers, and Don Newton's great Phantom.


    Those were the days.

  2. well at least the SPIRIT is still around.....Long live Will Eisner.

  3. Those Atlas books were slick! No surprise, given their array of talent...



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